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Olympia Washington

Just thirty minutes from Shelton Washington is Olympia.  Located at the southern most tip of Puget Sound and cradled at the base of Mr. Rainier.  The state capital ,Olympia got her name from the delightful view of the Olympic Mountains that can be seen from just about anywhere in the county seat of Thurston.  The state capital is just down the road from the State Capital Museum and Outreach Center in Historic Olympia     at Lord Mansion, which in itself is a piece of Olympia history. Designed by California architect, Joseph Wohleb in 1923, the mansion was a Spanish Colonial Villa and one of the finest of all of Wohlebs designs.
History of Olympia Washington As early as 1792, people were gazing at the natural beauty of Olympia Washington.  The abundance of green forest up against the blue clear waters of the sound. Lt. Puget, traveling with Captain Vancouver named many of the glorious sites he saw that year.  As Captain Vancouver sent Lt. Puget off to explore the southern region of Puget Sound, he fixed his eyes into the distance to a very high mountain which he named after his good friend, Rainier.  Mt. Rainier is the largest mountain in the Cascade Range. 
1853 Steven Isaac became Governor He was also Superintendent of Indian Affairs and the Northern Pacific Railroad survey. Sound like a conflict of interest that would never be allowed these days.   

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1873 What do you know, the Northern Pacific Railroad was granted the right to build their railroad from Lake Superior to Puget Sound and the end of the line would be at Commencement Bay.  Thats a little backward! 
By this time the Native Indians in the region had been pushed and pulled in all different directions. Being promised this and that and ending up with not quite what they expected or needed for the large communities of Puyallup, Nisqually and Squaxin Tribes, each given inadequate land to grow and prosper on. 

Today the Puyallup Tribe is 32,000 strong and has a great deal of employment opportunities for the natives in the area. You have most likely guessed this Olympia Washington is also the birthplace of Olympia Beer Company which brewed here from 1896 to 2003.
Early on in the 1970s the state of Washington finished the construction of The Evergreen State College in Olympia. Evergreen is known for is cultural arts and its commitment to ecological living and learning. As of 2007 the student population was 4,400.

Downtown Olympia is really where all the action is on any given night. There are many theatres and playhouse performances nightly as well as fantastic dining and a wide variety of artistic shops and unique gifts.  The heart of downtown is on 4th Street from Water Street to Plum.  Another part of downtown is Sylvester Park located at the east end of Capitol Way.
Since the land was set aside in 1850 by Mr. Sylvester, there has always been an outpouring of excellent entertainment and free concerts in the summer and holiday lights in the winter months. Sylvester Park is not only on the Olympia Heritage Register but has also been honored to be included in the State and National Registries of Historic Places but also the Olympia Heritage.
The city has an excellent mapping guide at the Olympia Website. The maps are easily downloaded to a PDF file for your convenience.

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