10 Points Richard tried to make during the Real Estate CyberSpace Radio interview

1. How do you advertise?  The internet, email, search engines, R.com, craigs list and ads for free.

2. What got you started in real estate?  I´ve always been interest in real estate.  I decided to take the real estate course while I was going to college for my degree in information systems technology. After completing the course and pick up a few extra college credits I decided to take the state exam, passed that with flying colors.  I decide to sell real estate part time and go to school full time.  After school I sold RE full time.

3. How long have you been in real estate? 9 years.  During the 9 year period I was also a consultant for Realtor.com, licensed the entire time.

4. Where do you get most of your leads from? 90% of my buyer leads come from the internet.  95% of my listing leads come from direct mail because of the internet.  I´ve hired a company that guarantees 1st page placement on the organic results page on major search engines and I also use pay per click.  I have specific communities I farm. For instance one community is Alderbrook, it´s a golf community. In every mailer I send out I tell the sellers I can guarantee there home will be on the 1st page of the major search engines.  I even invite them to go out and perform the search them selves.  When they search Alderbrook real estate I´m there.  They click on the link and get to my site, see the featured listings and contact me to list there home.

The company that places me in the organic search results started out as AdsForFree.com, later purchased by Coracle Inc.  Coracle has ceased operation and now I utilize this service from  Compass Internet Systems (www.CompassInternetSystems.com) and SocialMediaSystems.com LLC  

5. What is some advice you can give to someone about internet advertising? Use print & farm letters to tell everyone about what you´re doing online.  For example if you´re on the 1st page of all the search engines or you´re using Realtor.com Featured listing, tell them that in print.  They won´t know unless you tell them what you´re doing.

Also track the click patterns off all Clients. 
I´use WebReporterTool,  (www.WebReporterTool.com) real-time visitor tracking service. It’s a part of my Compass Subscription and it is a wonderful tool for all real estate professionals.
They tell me how people find my site, where they came from, what they do, how long they stay, and provide a complete click path. By using click path information for optimum site development and content distribution. You can clearly identify the page-by-page navigation used by your visitors and understand how and why visitors arrived at each page,

6. What makes your marketing system so successful?  To be successful you must have goals and a plan.  My marketing system gives me a plan for each listing. I can guarantee my clients 1st page placement on the search engines.

I can guarantee the seller their listing will be a Showcase Listing on Realtor.com, MSN, & AOL

I send out Just Listed Postcard to the Neighborhood.  In the just listed letter I tell them what I´ll do to market their home and if they list their home with me I´ll put it on the 1st page of the major search engines.

I tell them how there listing will show up on my competitors web sites. Re/Max, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, ERA, Windermere, John L Scott, Real Estate USA, West Realty & more.

Flyers to local Real Estate Agents in Mason, Thurston, & Kitsap County


7. How did you build a name for yourself?  By telling everyone I could, over and over again, about my online marketing system.

8. What are some other ways that you advertise?  Craigs List has been the most successful.  I average 31 click thoughs a day from craigs list.  This service is FREE.  Every agent should be using it!

9. How many leads a month do you get from just internet advertising? I average one to two leads a day, between 30-60 a month on average 45.

10. How many leads do you get from other source a month?  Print media just doesn´t work any more.  I ran a display newspaper ad all summer, only two calls.  Signs and listing Flyers work well.  I average around 35 listings at any given time, we get a couple good leads a month off signs.



www.Adsforfree.com , http://rothmanmarketing.com/ http://www.compassinternetsystems.com/  www.WebReporterTool.com

www.realtor.com www.washingtonrealestateresource.com

Richard Beckman
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