Simpson Lumber Company
Shelton Operations

Community Briefing, February 2010
2008 **Annual Statistics

Sales and Production
*Net Sales of $73 million
*Lumber Production 263,000,000 board feet
*2700 rail cars of lumber shipped
*115,000,000 board feet logs purchased

Employees and payroll
*215 Hourly Employees, mill 3 and mill 5
*Over 1000 estimated indirect jobs in the community
*354,000 labor hours worked
*$7.3 million in annual payroll
*$3.6 million in annual benefits
*Over $50,000 in average annual hourly employee wages and benefits

*Over $1 million paid in electricity and other utilities

*$600,000 in Payroll Taxes
*$1 million in property and B&O tax

Capital Expenditures (last 5 years)
*Over $25 million in capital improvement projects

Possible Future Investments
*Estimated $60 million to $80 million co-generation at mill 3
*Estimated $15 million in construction wages

Community Contributions (last 5 years)
*Over $400,000 in local community contributions

**2008 was a production constrained year due to poor markets

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Richard Beckman
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